Japan Studies Radiation Effects on Children via the New York Times

TOKYO — In a bid to track the long-term health effects of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan has begun a long-term survey of local children for thyroid abnormalities, a problem associated with exposure to radiation

The study comes in response to concerns over the consequences to health of the serious radiation leaks triggered by multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in March. Japanese officials hope to study some 360,000 children who were younger than 18 at the time of the accident and track their health through their lifetimes, according to Fukushima Prefecture officials.

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  1. The article goes on to say, “On Sunday, the first day of the Fukushima study, more than 100 children were tested. Specific test results will not be made public, according to Fukushima Prefecture. But the children, who will be tested every two years until they turn 20 and every five years after that, will receive further care if doctors discover abnormalities.” Why will the test results not be made available to the public in Japan? Without revealing the names of the children the results could be published and if the results show no negative effects on these hundreds of thousands of Japanese children then their parents and grandparents worries and fears for these children’s health could be allayed and all could relax and go on with their lives with peace of mind. Naturally if the results are found to have negative effects on these hundreds of thousands of children then further safety measures and treatment could be given to them to improve their health.

    Confidentiality and sensitive examination of these children under informed consent of their parents would reduce stress; secrecy and not making the overall results public could lead to suspicion, avoidance and even prejudice against socially interacting with these youngsters as they grow up, become adults and try to move on with their lives.

    In light of the article on radiation effects testing on children above, perhaps your readers would be interested in seeing Professor Kodama testimony he gave to the Committee of Health, Labour and Welfare in the Japanese Parliament in August.

    Collectively the number in Japanese is getting up to 1,000,000 views and still growing. The one with the largest number of views is at over 600,000

    and can be seen here

    If all you good people there around the world who are in support of the truth and concerned about the health of the good people of the Fukushima area and Touhoku disaster region can kindly twitter, facebook, tweet etc on to your social networks maybe we can get this English version to go over 1,000,000 and even more viral too. This would help put world pressure and support getting fast, effective and healthy solutions to this ongoing disaster that threatens so many adults and children now and in the future. Dr Kodama is a medical doctor specialized in cancer treatment and a leading authority on the effects of radiation on people’s health at the University of Tokyo and has been working in this field for decades. Spread his words please, for the sake of us all in Japan and our children’s children too. Thank you

    English version: (click on ‘cc’ on the video panel for translation in English)


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