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福島第1原発事故 汚染廃棄物、焼却中止求める 県に住民団体 /宮城 via 毎日新聞



続きは福島第1原発事故 汚染廃棄物、焼却中止求める 県に住民団体 /宮城

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11 Responses

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  1. Perfor says

    Sooo scary……

  2. Susanto says

    Nuclear is soooo dangereus…….

  3. tasty says


  4. blueocean says

    Thats radiation of nuclear are crazy….

  5. inform says

    World War III will be END OF THIS WORLD

  6. F Word says

    Thats f**ckin Scary…..

  7. otomotif lovers says


  8. Robert Julian says

    I will pretend not to watch these things…

  9. buchemist says

    i just know about thats…….

  10. David says

    holy sh**iiit….

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