Anti- Metsamor NPP campaign launched in Azerbaijan via AzVision

Special Facebook page and event as wells as Twitter account were created to run the #StopMetsamor campaign.

The initiators of the campaign appealed to the World Community, the UN and the IAEA to shut down the Metsamor NPP as it is hazardous for the region and the World, as well as a source for dirty bomb and nuclear materials smuggling.

We call all our readers to join the campaign and like and share the created pages.

Note, Metsamor NPP which is built on out-dated technology is a serious danger to the region because of its location in seismic zone. There are five tectonic cracks around the station and one of them is located 500 meters from the station.


Metsamor NPP is located 16 kilometers from Turkey, 60 kilometers from Iran and 120 kilometers from Azerbaijan and Georgia border.

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Read more at  Anti- Metsamor NPP campaign launched in Azerbaijan

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