EPA: Nuclear Waste Closer to Bridgeton Landfill Fire via CBS/St. Louis


Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster says the new data places the radioactive waste “hundreds of feet” closer to the fire than previously known.

The Neighborhood Moms group spokesman Dawn Chatman now worries they won’t have enough time to build a firebreak barrier.

“As a resident living here, I’m horrified, I’m scared, but I’m really angry right now,” Chatman told KMOX, her voice cracking. “They should have known this five years ago, six years ago when this fire started.”


Koster took a different approach:

“Today’s report confirms that EPA has never had a clear picture of the extent of contamination at the West Lake landfill, and it is deeply concerning that it took EPA so long to figure that out,” Koster said in a statement. “The EPA has yet to reveal its plan for preventing the fire from ever reaching the waste. It is long past time for the federal government to transfer responsibility of the site to the Army Corps for swift and certain remedial action.”

Read more at EPA: Nuclear Waste Closer to Bridgeton Landfill Fire

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