Mumbai: Fukushima survivor warns against nuclear power plants via The Indian Express

Days after a nuclear power plant in neighbouring Gujarat was shut down after a major heavy water leak, 62-year-old Masami Yoshizawa, a survivor of the Fukushima nuclear disaster five years ago, made an emotional appeal in Mumbai asking Indians to refrain from using nuclear energy.
“We take it as a challenge, taking care of cattle as a living record of the nuclear radiation that can affect many lives. Fukushima is proof of how it is not safe. We have seen nuclear energy at its worst and would not want any other country to take the risk,” Masami Yoshizawa a cattle breeder by profession said addressing a meeting called by the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace in Parel.
The group said they were against nuclear power plants coming up in India, including the one in Jaitapur in Ratnagiri district, where a 9900MW nuclear power plant is proposed to be built.

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