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Kids’ texts vague on nuke crisis perils via The Japan Times Online

The education ministry Friday unveiled supplementary school texts on radiation compiled amid the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, but critics blasted them for failing to adequately describe the disaster or the associated health risks. But critics say … Continue reading

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文科省副読本 原発記述ほぼ一掃 via 東京新聞

文部科学省は十四日、放射線の性質などについて学校で学ぶための副読本を初めて作製した、と発表した。同省などはこれまで、原子力発電に関する副読本を発行していたが、「大きな津波にも耐えられる」などと安全性を強調する記述が、東京電力福島第一原発事故後に批判を浴びた。今回は原発の記述がほぼ一掃されて放射線教育に特化したが、原発事故に関する言及もほとんどなく、教育現場から「福島で使えるのか」と批判も出ている。 小学校向けでは、放射線が「細菌退治」など幅広い分野で活用されていることを紹介。人体の影響については「一度に百ミリシーベルト以下の放射線を受けた場合、がんなどになった明確な証拠はない」としつつ、「受ける量はできるだけ少なく」と注意を促した。 続きは文科省副読本 原発記述ほぼ一掃 関連記事 ◇原発事故の記述ごくわずか 文科省の放射線副読本 ◇文科省、「放射線」副読本を配布へ ◇放射線等に関する副読本の作成について

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Yokohama finds high strontium-90 levels via The Japan Times Online

YOKOHAMA — Radioactive strontium exceeding normal levels has been detected in sediment from atop an apartment building in Yokohama, some 250 km from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, city officials said Wednesday. While the discovery of 195 becquerels … Continue reading

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Radiation 47 times higher than criteria detected from nuclear waste via The Mainichi Daily News

FUKUOKA (Kyodo) — Radiation dosages 47 times higher than acceptance levels have been detected from vitrified radioactive waste at a storage facility in Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture, Kyushu Electric Power Co. said Thursday. Up to 190 becquerels of both beta and … Continue reading

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Experts say Fukushima ‘worse’ than Chernobyl via Al Jazeera

Please paste the following into your browser to view the video for a series of interviews with residents in addition to the “experts” in the headline: http://english.aljazeera.net/video/asia-pacific/2011/09/201191845015428149.html

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Response overwhelming for Fukushima decontamination workshops via asahi japan watch

By SHUNSUKE KIMURA / Staff Writer KORIYAMA, Fukushima Prefecture–Some were looking for work. Others just wanted to help out. And still others were simply eager to finally return to their hometowns. They were among 113 people who attended the first … Continue reading

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市民デモ、東京でも=「脱原発」「格差解消を」via 時事ドットコム

米ニューヨークのウォール街などで失業や経済格差の是正を求める抗議デモが続いていることを受け、東京都内でも15日、市民らによるデモや集会があった。複数の場所で「脱原発」や「格差解消」などの訴えが響き、参加者はプラカードやのぼりを掲げながら声を上げた。 千代田区日比谷公園では約100人が参加。同区の東京電力本店や経済産業省前を行進した。千葉県富津市からバスで1時間20分かけ参加したという竹内幹雄 さん(70)は、一晩かけ作った脱原発のメッセージを首から提げ、「もう居ても立ってもいられない。6歳の孫に将来何もしなかったと言われたら死んでも死 にきれない。老人がもっと頑張らないと」と話した。 続きは市民デモ、東京でも=「脱原発」「格差解消を」

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Citizens’ Testing Finds 20 Hot Spots Around Tokyo via The New York Times

By HIROKO TABUCHI Published: October 14, 2011 TOKYO — Takeo Hayashida signed on with a citizens’ group to test for radiation near his son’s baseball field in Tokyo after government officials told him they had no plans to check for … Continue reading

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Hanford stimulus spending called a success via The News Tribune

By Annette Cary, Tri-City Herald Published: 10/15/11 1:37 am | Updated: 10/15/11 1:37 am Not since environmental cleanup began at Hanford has the nuclear reservation had a period where it could point to as much work completed as in the … Continue reading

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French Primary Reflects a Shift on Nuclear Power via The Wall Street Journal

By MAX COLCHESTER PARIS—When he goes to vote in Sunday’s Socialist Party primaries, Christian Bataille will vote against one of his principles: the pro-nuclear Socialist lawmaker will support a French presidential hopeful who has vowed to phase out atomic power. … Continue reading

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