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Marcoule Explosion Deceased Worker Irradiated, Government Not Releasing Data via Simplyinfo

September 23rd, 2011 has revealed details of the Marcoule nuclear complex explosion in France. The deceased worker was significantly irradiated. His family was not allowed near the body, an autopsy was not done an the body delivered for the funeral in a radiation shielded sealed coffin. The workers body remained in the building for 48 hours and had radioactive shrapnel. The government Nuclear-Radiological-Chemical-Bacteriological (NRBC) team was called in to remove the body and later filed a request to skip the autopsy.

Firefighters were able to rescue one worker who was hit by 1300 degree shrapnel and remains in a military hospital with burns over 85% of his body. The transfer of the worker from a civilian hospital to a military hospital raised concerns about the motives for the move.

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