[video]Occupy Wall Street Protest – Dr. Helen Caldicott Speaks Out! via Nuclear FREE planet.org

Occupy Wall Street Speaker, Dr. Helen Caldicott, October 2, 2011 passionately addresses the protesters, at Zicotti Park aka Liberty Plaza. Helen Caldicott speaks out about government irresponsibility and the dangers of nuclear power! Because microphone amplification is illegal in the park, the protesters do a Call and Repeat method, starting with the phrase”mic check” then those assembled echo what the speaker says, in this case twice (2 tiers) so the whole crowd can hear. Dr. Caldicott is world renowned as: a physician, her longterm fight against nuclear power, Author of many books, Speaker. http://www.helencaldicott.com/about/
Videography Production – Jane Gussin – Aristedes DuVal –http://greenbeattv.com/

Watch the video at Occupy Wall Street Protest – Dr. Helen Caldicott Speaks Out!

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