Officials search for permanent solution to store nuclear waste via KUSI News

Dan Plante

OCEANSIDE (KUSI)- It’s one of the biggest issues in America today! Yet there is no solution in sight. What happens to nuclear waste, after the power plant shuts down.

“If we could move this stuff today, we would. We want all of this nuclear waste off site,” says Ron Pontes of the San Onofre Nuclear Decommissioning team.

But there’s a problem. A big one. The Federal Government dropped the ball, and there is no place to put it.

As a result, 34 Nuclear Plants around the country are ‘temporarily’ storing tons and tons of nuclear waste. Including the San Onofre Nuclear Plant, which sits right on the Pacific Ocean.


But the one place it could have gone, has been shut down. Rates payers spent $15-Billion dollars creating Yucca Mountain in Nevada.

When it was almost finished, then President Obama crumbled under political pressure and shut it down. Now what?

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