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After 3 Decades Opposing Pligrim Nuclear, Mary Lampert WIll See It Close via WCAI

When Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station closes in May of this year, it will mark a turning point for the town of Plymouth, for nuclear power in the region, and for one woman, who’s been working to shut down Pilgrim for three decades.


Her home is located 6 miles from the power station across open water. The plant was already there when she and her family moved to this quaint neighborhood in the 1980s. Pilgrim was built in 1972, but had been closed for a number of years due to repeated equipment failures. Even back then, it was listed as one of the worst-run power stations in the country.


He and Lampert are especially concerned about who will manage that spent nuclear fuel, which is expected to be stored on site for the next half a century or more. Lyman said these rods filled with used uranium could be vulnerable to sea level rise, mismanagement, or even a terrorist attack.

“For one thing, the spent nuclear fuel stored at the Pilgrim site needs to be protected and managed appropriately,” he said. “The potential for a spent fuel accident remains high.”

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