Indonesia to close seas to ship transporting nuclear waste via The Jakarta Post

The government has instructed patrol ships to close Indonesian waters to a ship carrying nuclear waste that has reportedly left France for Australia.

Sea Security Coordinating Agency head Vice Adm. Desi Albert Mamahit told on Friday that MV Trader, the ship carrying nuclear waste, was currently sailing along the southern coast of Africa.

“To reach Australia, passing Indonesian waters will be its first choice. We will block the ship because nuclear waste is very dangerous,” Desi Albert said

According to Desi, the Navy and the water police are required to deploy patrol ships to stop the ship from entering Indonesian waters.

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The BBC Shanghai left the northern French port of Cherbourg after getting approval from local officials who carried out an inspection on Wednesday and is due to reach Australia on November 27.

The nuclear waste onboard BBC Shanghai comes as a result of ‘generations of nuclear medicine production’ said an ANSTO spokesperson.

‘The nuclear fuel was sent to France for reprocessing over four shipments in the 1990s and early 2000s, and the waste arising from that reprocessing operation is required under French law to have left that country by the end of 2015.’

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