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Cash-strapped nuclear power company secretly donates 1.54 billion yen to city via The Asahi Shimbun

Japan Atomic Power Co., struggling financially while its nuclear reactors remain offline, still donated 1.54 billion yen ($13.7 million) to a city government and asked that the funds be kept secret, officials said Nov. 1. The money used for the … Continue reading

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In U.S. Cleanup Efforts, Accident at Nuclear Site Points to Cost of Lapses via The New York Times

Earlier this year, a violent chemical reaction at a New Mexico facility that stores waste from the making of plutonium bombs broke open a storage drum and sprayed the waste into the air, leading to the closure of the repository. … Continue reading

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Sellafield Safety Shocker: Nuclear waste abandoned 40 years ago lies in rotting containers open to the elements via Irish Mirror

Whistle-blower’s photos lay bare risk of disaster as expert warns it’s another Fukushima waiting to happen These photos of highly radioactive waste in crumbling ponds proves Sellafield is a Fukushima-like nuclear disaster waiting to happen on our doorstep. These alarming … Continue reading

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Blue Water communities oppose nuclear waste site via The Times Herald

As Canadian officials inch closer to a decision on an underground nuclear waste facility near Lake Huron, opposition in the Mitten is gaining strength. At least 76 communities in Michigan have formally opposed the proposed facility for low- and intermediate-level … Continue reading

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火山学会「予測限界ある」、原発の審査基準見直し提言 via 朝日新聞

日本火山学会の原子力問題対応委員会は2日、原発を火砕流が襲うような巨大噴火について、リスクを判断する原子力規制委員会の審査基準を見直すよう求める提言をまとめた。国全体で巨大噴火対策に取り組む必要があるとしたうえで、噴火予測の可能性や限界、あいまいさを十分に考慮するよう求めた。 巨大噴火は、九州電力川内原発(鹿児島県)の審査で論点になった。火山学会が原発周辺の火山観測について提言をまとめるのは初めて。会合後、委員長の石原和弘・京都大名誉教授は「火山噴火の予測に限界があることを国民に対しても知らせないといけない」と話した。 続きは火山学会「予測限界ある」、原発の審査基準見直し提言

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