Top Hanford nuclear reservation manager steps down via Tri-City Herald

One of Hanford’s top two local Department of Energy leaders at the Hanford site is retiring.

Doug Shoop has led the DOE Richland Operations Office since July 2016, and served as deputy manager of the office for eight years before that.

Shoop shares local authority for Hanford with Brian Vance, manager of the Office of River Protection, which is responsible for tank waste and treatment.


During Shoop’s tenure, he opened the Hanford Workforce Engagement Center in Richland to help current and former Hanford workers and their families seeking medical coverage and compensation for illnesses caused by working around Hanford’s radioactive and hazardous chemical waste.

He oversaw completion of a major cleanup project, removing highly radioactive waste from the 618-10 Burial Ground six miles north of Richland.

Work started to move highly radioactive sludge from underwater containers in the K West Basin near the Columbia River to dry storage at the T Plant in central Hanford.


Work is being done to prepare for digging up a spill of high-level radioactive waste underneath the 324 Building just north of Richland near the Columbia River.

Demolition of the highly contaminated Plutonium Finishing Plant, believed to be the most hazardous demolition project undertaken at Hanford, should resume this month or next. Demolition halted in December 2017 after radioactive particles spread.

Shoop also was in charge when a sealed tunnel storing underground waste partially collapsed in May 2017.

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