Testimony of a mother who evacuated from Tokyo via Fukushima 311 Voices


I am standing here to tell you that the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe is not over.
I evacuated to Kansai (note2), three years after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.

Where do you think I evacuated from?
I evacuated from Tokyo!

Do you know that Tokyo has serious radioactive contamination?
Tens of millions of people in east Japan live with radioactive contamination now.

I have a daughter who was 5 years old at the time of the accident.
She became very sick one year after the accident.
In fact, my daughter became so sick that she could not live a normal life at all.
However, when she stayed in a place where there was no radioactive contamination, my daughter became so well. But when we returned to Tokyo, my daughter became sick again.
We did not have the option to stay in Tokyo, we just fled from Tokyo and came here.


We are calling for evacuation to west Japan.
We are evacuees from eastern Japan.
Our existence will not be broadcasted on radio waves or published in newspapers. So, I am telling you about it now.


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One Response to Testimony of a mother who evacuated from Tokyo via Fukushima 311 Voices

  1. Kenichi Idemoto says:

    I am living in Nagoya City nearly 600 kilometers away from Fukusjima.
    I am quite angry at Fukushima accident. I had foreseen a Fukushima when the first commercial nuclear power plant put into work about 55 years ago here. So I was not surprised any to hear about the accident.
    They should never have dealt with nuclear power in this country with frequent erathquakes and with volcanos.Single one is never possible to build here by America’s standard. I dare to tell you all the population of the word will even perish for the sake of a super volcano erupition in Japan sooner or later.. Or, the feared earthquake of magnitude 9 scale in the future will easy to damage plural nuclear power plants seriously :all the Japanese need evacuation.
    I feel and I am sure ninety percent of arigcultural and sea food here is contaminated with radioactivity ;frut an vesitables which I suspect from fertiliser. (I sense instantly by what we call “O ring test” whether each is safe or not.)
    Poor and dirty government and administration of the nuclerar power plants of this counry will keep on killing the nation and contaminating the world.
    The Liberal Democratic Party and its Administration will nver change for the better for it.
    It is time the world should stop all the dangerous nuclear power plants here !!

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