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1歳児の甲状腺被曝は最大で40ミリシーベルト 国連報告より低い推計値 via 産経ニュース





全文は1歳児の甲状腺被曝は最大で40ミリシーベルト 国連報告より低い推計値 

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  1. badro says

    Air compressor components include air end unit, electric motor, radiator, oil and air separator and PLC control system, each of which is briefly described below.

    The tank stores the compressed air produced and then brings it to the desired temperature and transfers it to the production line.
    What is important about the compressor tank is to follow the standard thickness. The welding quality of the tanks is also important. Due to the wide surface of contact with the ambient air, this equipment cools the compressed air and removes some of the moisture in the air in the form of liquid water droplets.

    The important thing about electric motors is the amount of copper used in the electromotor winding. In low quality electric motors, the amount of copper is less than the standard.
    Hence the resistance in the windings increases as a result of the power consumption.

    Badro professional team according to the type of project needs and in a completely customized form with the aim of advancing the industrial businesses of our dear customers and buyers, the best and highest quality screw compressor parts in various volumes and capacities of the tank, variety of power consumption and power of electric motors They install and operate with electric and diesel fuel.

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