Cultural park could become nuclear plant via Sedona Red Rock News

Sedona may soon be entering the nuclear age.

The state of Arizona recently approached the city of Sedona and the property owners of the Sedona Cultural Park on the construction of small nuclear power plant at the site.

The station would not be anywhere near as large as the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Tonopah, which generates 3.3 gigawatts of power.

By net generation, Palo Verde is the largest nuclear power station in the country, serving roughly 4 million people in Arizona and Southern California, but the increasing population in the Southwest, means the power plant will reach capacity sooner rather than later, according to Palo Verde Nuclear Expansion Program Chief Spokeswoman Cher Nobel-Pripyat.


In January, the property was sold to a private firm, Burns Holdings LLC, which has owned and operated a small nuclear power plant in Springfield, Ore., since December 1989. The plant would be jointly owned by Arizona Public Service, Burns Holdings, Salt River Project and Southern California Edison. Areva would own a minor portion for the first 10 years, before divvying up its share proportionally among the other stakeholders.

“We feel the Sedona site is excellent for our plans,” Burns Holdings CEO and owner C. Montgomery Burns said. “Excellent.”

Construction would likely not begin until summer 2017, after the conclusion of a National Environmental Policy Act assessment, which is set to be conducted this summer.

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