NRA decided to reduce 70 percent of radiation monitoring posts in Fukushima via nuclear-news

「。。。」On February 10, 2016 The NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) declared that from April 2017 it will discontinue 2500 of its 3600 radioactivity monitoring terminals in the Fukushima Prefecture.
The NRA says it’s due to lack of budget and resources.
The 2500 to be removed terminals are located in public institutions including schools.
The NRA states that there has been no significant change in radioactivity recently detected.
While all radioactivity measurements have been increasing in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plant, how can someone responsible says that there is no significant change?

On 2/10/2016, NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) announced they are going to abandon 2,500 of 3,600 radiation monitoring posts in Fukushima prefecture from April of 2017.
NRA states this is due to the limited resource such as budget and equipment.
2,500 posts to be removed are situated in public facility including schools.
NRA comments no significant change has been detected recently. However, the monitoring posts were also observed to become “under maintenance” occasionally.


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