ESSAY: The Death of Economic Globalism, Part Four via Pagosa Daily

everal of the most stark ironies of the pushers and boosters of economic globalism is that often these are the same people who also like to grandstand and lecture the rest of us about their concern for protecting the environment against the onslaught of humankind’s destructive pollution and also talk about protecting and encouraging things like cultural diversity. These are also the same people who push developing nations to compromise their cultural and economic well-being by enticing them with a great deal of debt with programs from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other so-called economic development schemes and scams generally arising out of the faux-benevolent auspices of the United Nations.

The policies of economic globalism have simply largely compartmentalized the polluting manufacturing interests into developing and emerging nations — China, India, most other smaller Southeastern Asian nations, South American nations, and others.

Nations like the United States and other western nations don’t suffer directly or as much from things like acid rain, and toxic spills, etc. — because the economic globalists have put those problems on the emerging nations. That is why places like China and India (in particular) have become tragic environmentally polluted hellholes in the last several decades, whereas the skies and environment of the United States and the Western World are, by comparison, cleaner — except, of course, for ongoing environmental disasters like Fukushima for which the entire global power establishment has instituted a policy of nearly total silence.

Indeed, in the case of Fukushima, it isn’t that the situation couldn’t be fixed, but rather that the economic globalists haven’t figured out how to make a good profit on doing so — they would rather ignore the matter in favor of more profitable endeavors.


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