An Open Letter to Congressman Mike Quigley: Can We Reduce (or Eliminate) the Nuclear Threat? via Come Home America

by Joe Scarry

Dear Congressman Quigley,

Another year begins: what should the People’s highest priority be in 2015?

My sister spoke at Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ at an event sponsored by Chicago Area Peace Action this past Sunday (January 15, 2015). She presented information from the recent Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, and then challenged the audience to confront the way in which the governing role of the People has been usurped by Executives in the U.S. and elsewhere who have their fingers on the nuclear trigger.

This sobering presentation helped me “get real” about what we face:

(1) The danger posed by nuclear weapons is urgent. (See Stop engaging in risky behavior )(2) We are currently at the mercy of the President.

(3) The U.S. Constitution clearly places the power in OUR hands: the People (through Congress) must control such a decision (i.e. to go to war, to bear arms). (See Reviews of “Thermonuclear Monarchy: Choosing Between Democracy and Doom” by Elaine Scarry )

(4) Many people say Congress (and the People) have forgotten that they have the power over war and extreme injury. However, the decision on Syria in September, 2014, proves Congress (and the People) CAN remember how to exercise power. (See Obama’s Syria “Vote” in Congress: Democracy? or Theater? )

(5) The U.S. is bound by treaty (NPT Article 6) to progress toward full nuclear disarmament. (See A DEAL’S A DEAL! (What part of “nuclear disarmament” doesn’t the US understand?) )

(6) 2015 is the year to achieve full nuclear disarmament. (See Countdown to U.S. Nuclear Disarmament (With or Without the Politicians) )

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