Hinkley C decision “a political scandal” say local campaigners via Stop Hinkley

Local campaigners say that today’s decision to grant planning permission for EDF’s Hinkley C project is no surprise, but does nothing to answer the serious questions which now hang over the project.

“I don’t think anyone in West Somerset believed that the public consultation last year was anything more than an elaborate, undemocratic sham, and that in itself is a political scandal.” said Theo Simon of the Stop Hinkley campaign. “Today’s decision is a rubber-stamping exercise, but it doesn’t change the facts on the ground. EDF don’t know what they will do with the radioactive waste Hinkley C would produce, they don’t have the investment they need now that Centrica have pulled out and they have threatened to walk away unless the government underwrite their costs and fix the nuclear electricity price artificially high for consumers.”

“No other business in this country would get planning permission without a waste management plan and this industry produces the most hazardous waste known to humankind. David Cameron promised there would be no new nuclear without a solution to the waste issue, but today Ed Davey has granted EDF permission regardless. Cameron also promised there would be no public subsidy, but now his government is negotiating precisely that and apparently willing to lock us all into paying double the original price quoted for nuclear, for the next 35 years!”

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