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The Great East Japan Earthquake – Two Years On via Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle

Almost two years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and resultant tsunami struck on March 11, and Japan wishes to express its heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of support from the international community. At present, Japan’s top priority … Continue reading

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Sequester Energy Cuts Could Affect Nuclear Waste Cleanup At Sites Including Hanford via Huffington Post

WASHINGTON — Cleanup of radioactive waste at nuclear sites across the country – including one in Washington state where waste tanks may be leaking 1,000 gallons per year – would be delayed under automatic spending cuts set to take effect … Continue reading

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Why the Nuclear Industry Is Beginning to Collapse via AlterNet

By Harvey Wasserman Two more atomic dominoes have hit the deck. At least a half-dozen more teeter on the brink, which would take the US reactor count under 100. But can we bury them before the next Fukushima erupts? And … Continue reading

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「死の恐怖感じた」68%  福島原発事故で出動の警官 via 47 News

 2011年3月の東電福島第1原発事故で、原子炉建屋の爆発直後に住民の救出や避難誘導に当たった福島県警の警察官は、68%が死の恐怖を感じ、41%は任務の放棄も考えたことが7日、小林良樹慶応大教授(社会安全政策)の調査で分かった。 任務放棄の気持ちが生じたのは、ほとんどが自分や家族の安全を心配したことが理由。ただ実際に現場を離れた人はいなかった。「任務を継続できたのはなぜか」の問い(複数回答)に、92%が「仲間との連帯感があった」、85%が「使命感や誇り」と答えた。 全文は「死の恐怖感じた」68%  福島原発事故で出動の警官

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