You can now do tourism near the Fukushima nuclear plant via NB Herald

The travel agency Japan Wonder Travel offers sightseeing tours in the municipalities of Namie and Tomioka, in Fukushima Prefecture. Both cities were evacuated in March 2011 as a result of radioactive leaks from the Fukushima-Daiichi NPP.

Some parts of the exclusion zone around the power plant were reopened to the public in April 2017. But it is only since February 2018 that this tourist agency offers guided tours in these desolate places.

Michaël da Silva Paternoster from the blog was able to take part in this unusual trip. He recently wrote an article in which he describes in detail this guided tour in Fukushima Prefecture areas that have been abandoned for more than seven years.

In this article, you will find:

  • A railway line suspended due to lingering radiation.
  • A farmer dissatisfied with the Japanese Prime Minister.
  • A road where getting out of vehicles is prohibited.
  • A 9-meter high anti-tsunami seawall and a city undergoing reconstruction.




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