Ongoing Casualties and Exploitation from Fukushima Nuclear Disaster via WBEZ

Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011, Japan still experiences devastating consequences.  The UN recently reported that tens of thousands of citizens, including workers in charge of decontaminating the nuclear plant, are at extreme risk of radiation exposure. Activists in Japan are trying to raise awareness about the real threats nuclear radiation exposure can have on a person’s health. They are being met with resistance by the Japanese government. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe claimed “with regard to health-related problems [of the Fukushima accident], I [Abe] will state in the most emphatic and unequivocal terms that there have been no problems until now, nor are there any at present, nor will there be in the future”. Critics view the Japanese government’s blatant denial about harmful effects, and its insistence of the safety of Fukushima, as a cover-up to ease tensions ahead of  the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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