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Fukushima on the Hudson by LA Smith Now Available via benzinga

Nixie Publishing debuts eco-political dystopian thriller in time for summer reading by the water — but is the Water Safe?

New publishing house, Nixie Publishing announced today the release of Fukushima on The Hudson, a thrilling eco-political novel by author, LA Smith.  Set between a struggling family farm in upstate New York and a cutthroat conspiracy on Capitol Hill in Washington, the novel responds to the question … What would happen if the city of New York faced the very real threat of being washed away in a nuclear meltdown like the one that devastated Fukushima in Japan?


The story is rooted in a real existential threat to millions of Americans: Illegally dumped radioactive waste and decaying nuclear power plants, many of which are packed with radioactive spent fuel.  Fictionally, the stage is set and played out in a ‘what-if’ that should be considered quite seriously.  “When I was in the news business, every now and then, I would come across what I called a ‘monster sleeper story.’ An issue or situation that just seemed so ‘big’ and in some cases, so alarming, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t on the front page of every newspaper. For me, the Indian Point nuclear power plant is one of those stories,”  says author, LA Smith.

Bela A. Gary, Nixie Publishing co-founder adds, “this is a book, like A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr or Erin Brockovich by Susannah Grant, that really gets under your skin. Really gets you to thinking about what we are doing to our environment. The legacy we’re leaving our kids. And the heartache of those who are suffering.”

Fukushima on the Hudson is not only for readers who enjoy gripping dystopian thrillers, but also for those who are environmentally aware and supportive of equal rights — for all.    Everyone who may be concerned about a true and existing threat to Wall Street, the city of New York and our country as a whole will want to be sure and read Fukushima on the Hudson by LA Smith.

Read more at Fukushima on the Hudson by LA Smith Now Available

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