Koodankulam senior citizens’ letter to Japanese PM via DiaNuke.org

Mr. Yoshihiko Noda
The Honorable Prime Minister of Japan

Your Excellency:
Greetings! We, the senior citizens of the Koodankulam area in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu, India, would like to appeal to you not to revive the civil nuclear cooperation negotiations with our country.We have witnessed how your country has suffered from both nuclear weapons and nuclear power. This “Hiroshima to Fukushima” devastation has taken a heavy toll on your country although you are scientifically more capable, technologically superior, and financially better-off than most countries in the world. Our country, India, is not in a position to face a Hiroshima or to suffer a Fukushima.As the one and only country in the world that has suffered radiation from nuclear bombs and nuclear power plants, Japan must take a lead in saving humanity from the nuclear menace and not try to make money out of the deadly nuclear business. Your government has just found out that it will take some 40 years and $14.6 billion to decommission the Fukushima nuclear power plants. Our country that is fighting the poverty and misery of hundreds of millions of people cannot just afford this criminal waste of time, energies and resources.

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