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Cover-up of estimated costs to dispose of radioactive waste raises serious questions via The Mainichi Daily News

Revelations that officials from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy concealed the estimated costs of disposing of spent nuclear fuel highlights the distorted logic of government officials who stick to reprocessing radioactive waste even by lying. The cover-up is … Continue reading

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Gov’t eyes new law to promote renewable energy in farming communities via The Mainichi Daily News

TOKYO (Kyodo) — The farm ministry is considering a new law to promote power generation in farming and fishing communities using renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, government sources said Tuesday. The legislation, envisioned by the Agriculture, Forestry … Continue reading

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ニッポンの女子力<1>怒り 脱原発へ 経産省前で座り込み 結集 via 中日新聞

財政問題、景気低迷、先行きの不透明感-と閉塞(へいそく)感が漂う日本で、女性が元気だ。とりわけ、福島原発事故後の脱原発運動では存在感が強い。しかも、そうした活動に吉永小百合さんや竹下景子さんら著名な女性が賛同の声を上げている。なぜ、女性なのか。新春も続く東京・霞が関の経済産業省前での女性の座り込みを主導する、佐藤幸子さん(53)に石丸初美さん(60)、アイリーン・美緒子・スミスさん(61)の三人に「ニッポンの女子力」について、語り合ってもらった。   続きは ニッポンの女子力<1>怒り 脱原発へ 経産省前で座り込み

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Christmas in the Radiation Zone via The Independent

It’s the first thing you notice. Electric orange, ripe and luscious persimmons hang from every bough. As we drive through the country and over the glittering, snow-specked mountain range from Fukushima city to Soma on the northeast coast of Japan, … Continue reading

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[video]State Department: Iran Is Feeling the Pressure

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Iran nuclear crisis: Sanctions ‘beginning to bite’ via BBC News

The US has said threats by Iran to restrict Gulf shipping in the event of further sanctions shows international pressure is having an effect. The State Department said sanctions on Tehran over its nuclear programme were starting to bite and … Continue reading

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EDF Pegs Nuclear Upgrade Cost at $13 Billion via The Wall Street Journal

PARIS—France’s nuclear-safety watchdog ordered immediate upgrades to nuclear reactors to guard against natural disasters, which Électricité de France SA said could require €10 billion, or roughly $13 billion, in additional costs. In a review following last year’s Fukushima nuclear accident … Continue reading

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広島の原爆死没者慰霊碑、金色の塗料かけられる via Yomiuri Online

4日午前0時50分頃、広島市中区の平和記念公園内の原爆死没者慰霊碑に金色の塗料がかけられているのを警備員が見つけ、近くの交番に届け出た。  広島中央署員が駆けつけたところ、原爆死没者名簿を納める石棺の上に設置された慰霊碑の「過ちは繰返しませぬから」という部分に塗料がかけられていた。同署が器物損壊容疑で調べている。 広島の原爆死没者慰霊碑、金色の塗料かけられる

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