After the nuclear meltdown inside post-Fukushima Daiichi Japan via Vancouver Observer

Cooking vegetables with bottled water,  avoiding produce from the Fukushima area, and speculating about when Prime Minister Naoto Kan will quit.  Dissatisfaction with government and nuclear regulatory agency.   Shikata ga nai — it just can’t be helped.
Can anyone do better? Welcome to post nuclear meltdown Japan.

In the months that have passed since the March 11 earthquake devastated Northeast Japan, updates about the country’s nuclear crisis have continued to unsettle people around the world. B.C. has seen an alarming spike in radioactivity levels. Imports from the region such as beef and seafood have been banned or limited, after studies found them to have been contaminated with radiation.

Public demand to phase out nuclear power has led the government to require Japanese citizens in July to slash electricity use by 15 per cent in order to stop the country’s reliance on nuclear power plants.

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