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Fukushima Clouds Hiroshima Anniversary via Reader Supported News

TOKYO, Aug 4, 2011 (IPS) – Matashichi Oishi, 78, a radiation victim from Bikini Atoll, the site of a U.S. hydrogen bomb test in 1954, will make his annual lone visit this week to commemorate the Aug. 6 anniversary of … Continue reading

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“we who would foster/clouds of disaster” from Touch the Earth Lightly

These lines are from the second verse of a hymn by New Zealand hymn writer Shirley Erena Murray. The title is borrowed from an Australian Aboriginal saying, and “clouds of disaster” refer to French nuclear testing at the time of … Continue reading

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The Great Hiroshima Cover-Up—And the Greatest Movie Never Made via Japan Focus

Greg Mitchell Summary This article introduces and draws on Greg Mitchell’s new book Atomic Cover-up. Two U.S. Soldiers, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and The Greatest Movie Never Made. http://gregmitchellwriter.blogspot.com/ This is a detective story that weaves the profiles of two U.S. … Continue reading

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Dying for TEPCO? Fukushima’s Nuclear Contract Workers via Japan Focus

By Paul Jobin Liquidators recruited by ads In the titanic struggle to bring to closure the dangerous situation at Fukushima Nuclear Plant No1, there are many signs that TEPCO is facing great difficulties in finding workers. At present, there are … Continue reading

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保守派論客が語る「原子力発電は無条件で継続すべし」の理由 via NEWSポストセブン

福島第一原発の事故は今後のエネルギー政策のみならず、根本的な国家戦略、科学技術とのスタンスの取り方はどうあるべきなのかをも問い掛けている。世論が「脱原発」「反原発」に傾く中、この問題をどう考えるべきなのか。 本誌が保守派言論人26人に緊急アンケートを行なったところ、「無条件継続」が4名、「条件付き継続」が17名、「将来的に廃炉」が1名、「議論待ち、どちらでもない、など」が4名となった。 「無条件継続派」4名のうち、3名の論客がその根拠を語る。 続きは 保守派論客が語る「原子力発電は無条件で継続すべし」の理由  

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保守派言論人26人に「脱原発」アンケート 「無条件継続」は4名 via Ameba News

福島第一原発の事故は今後のエネルギー政策のみならず、根本的な国家戦略、科学技術とのスタンスの取り方はどうあるべきなのかをも問い掛けている。世論が「脱原発」「反原発」に傾く中、この問題をどう考えるべきなのか。 本誌が保守派言論人26人に緊急アンケートを行なったところ、「無条件継続」が4名、「条件付き継続」が17名、「将来的に廃炉」が1名、「議論待ち、どちらでもない、など」が4名となった。 続きは 保守派言論人26人に「脱原発」アンケート 「無条件継続」は4名

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Japan, the Atomic Bomb, and the “Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Power” via Japan Focus

Introduction by Yuki Tanaka “The Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy” and Hiroshima Yuki Tanaka The ongoing grave situation at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, which continues to contaminate vast areas of surrounding land and sea with high levels … Continue reading

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The Truth About Nuclear Power: Japanese Nuclear Engineer Calls for Abolition via Japan Focus

Koide Hiroaki Introduction and translation by Sakai Yasuyuki and Norimatsu Satoko Introduction Koide Hiroaki began his career as a nuclear engineer forty years ago drawn to the promise of nuclear power. Quickly, however, he recognized the flaws in Japan’s nuclear … Continue reading

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The Hidden Face of Disaster: 3.11, the Historical Structure and Future of Japan’s Northeast via Japan Focus

Oguma Eiji Translated by Kyoko Selden A Provider of Food It is not well-known that the Tōhoku region only established its position as the nation’s rice production center after World War II. Yields of rice, a commercial crop of tropical … Continue reading

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