A message from Sumio Konno・今野寿美雄, a former nuclear engineer, on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster via the Manhattan Project for a Nuclear-Free World・核の無い世界を目指すマンハッタンプロジェクト

Manhattan Project for a Nuclear-Free World

SUBSCRIBE[ Voices from Japan: 9 years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster ] 2020 March video project by Manhattan Project for a Nuclear-Free World English subtitle by John Baldwin, Karen Rogers, Mari Inoue, Rachel Clark, Stephan Ready, Tarak Kauff, Tony Sahara, Yoko Chase The e-book edition of “Citizens’ Radiation Data Map of Japan” is available at: https://minna-no-datasite.stores.jp If you have any questions about “Citizens’ Radiation Data Map of Japan”, or interested in obtaining a physical copy of the booklet, please contact: mdsbookorder@mp-nuclear-free.com







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