Cracks found in containment building of UAE nuclear power plant built by S. Korean companies via Hankyoreh

There may be cracks in the containment building at the third unit at the Barakah nuclear power plant that South Korean companies are building in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The grease inserted into the concrete walls as a lubricant has seeped into voids on the outside of the wall. Shoddy construction work is likely to push back the schedule and increase costs.In an interview with American trade journal Energy Intelligence on Nov. 21, Christer Viktorsson, director general of the UAE’s Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), said that grease had been found on the wall of the third unit’s containment building last year.“Grease started to flow out of unexpected areas. Workers found voids in one place,” Viktorsson said. Viktorsson was interviewed in an article titled, “Newbuild: Has Barakah lost its magic?” on Dec. 7.



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