Anti-nuclear waste rally in Montpelier via WCAX3

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) An anti-nuclear waste campaign visited the capital city Tuesday night, delivering a replica radioactive waste cask.

The event was organized by the “Citizens Awareness Network” as part of multi stop tour throughout New England.

Activists say they are responding to a bill now in the U.S. Senate that would establish temporary mobile storage for high-level nuclear waste. The storage casks would travel from places like the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant and would be transported to southwestern states like Texas and New Mexico. The group’s goal is to leave the waste where it is, but better protected.


“In New Mexico we are concerned about not just our communities because of the storage, but the transport would impact everyone across the nation. Anywhere between a nuclear power plant and the waste site,” said Leona Morgan of the Nuclear Issues Study Group.

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