Nuclear fear means big business for Mooresville man via WCNC

Troy Jones is offering a solution to thousands across the country: nuke pills.


So what are “nuke pills”? They are made up of potassium iodide that prevents the body from absorbing radioactive iodine, one of the products of nuclear fallout.

“It can travel hundreds of miles, sometimes thousands of miles down wind, and if you inhale it or ingest it, you can get thyroid cancer.”

In order to be effective, the pills must be taken before exposure. Children are the most susceptible. That’s why schools within 10 miles of a nuclear reactor stock the pills.

Anyone living within that 10-mile range is eligible for free pills. Jones has a reactor finder on his website so you can see if you are in the emergency planning zone.

“The problem is radiation doesn’t know a 10 miles boundary,” Jones said.

In the past, much of what Jones sold went to businesses, schools and hospitals. Now the general public is snatching up the pills. We asked Jones if people should be stockpiling them.


Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a flavored liquid version of potassium iodide for kids. Jones, whose company offers 153 radiation preparedness products, said the liquid version is already a big seller.

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