Nuclear Power Documentary Film and Panel Discussion Coming to Chatham via

CHATHAM –The documentary “Power Struggle” will be screened at the Chatham Orpheum Theater on Saturday November 11th,followed by a panel discussion.

The film chronicles the heated political battle to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.

It shows how a nuclear engineer turned whistle blower, a 93-year-old grandmother, and a scrappy new governor, join forces with a wide array of activists to score a major environmental victory by shutting down the aging atomic plant.


The documentary, which is at times humorous and frightening, captures the views of people on both sides of the issue.

Producers said one fact in the film that can’t be ignored is that high-level radioactive waste will remain at every nuclear power plant around the world indefinitely.

The film’s world premiere was at The Provincetown International Film Festival.



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