Trump’s clueless rhetoric on nukes makes US vulnerable, not safer via The Hill

Last week, the leader of the free world announced that he wanted to expand the United States’ nuclear arsenal. After being sworn into office, President Donald Trump promised the public that he would make America safe again, but bullying and intimidating nations by increasing the size of our nuclear arsenal will make the United States far less safe.
President Trump’s reckless rhetoric on nuclear weapons goes against decades of hard fought, bipartisan, American leadership of the international nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation regime. Trump’s grandiosity and impulsivity to proliferate ignores longstanding bilateral and multilateral obligations and norms that have produced significant dividends and concrete progress in fostering peace and stability around the world.
Further, his comments on expanding the nuclear arsenal, and threatening to cancel the New START Treaty, does not serve U.S. interests as it goes against longstanding efforts to promote a safer, more stable world.  It would contradict American leadership to curb nuclear proliferators like North Korea and damage our credibility in preventing other states from obtaining a nuclear weapon.




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