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Return of tactical nuclear weapons would send a dangerous signal via CNN

[…] Incorporating tactical nuclear weapons into America’s military planning would undermine 65 years of nonproliferation that goes back to President Eisenhower’s 1953 “Atoms for Peace” speech, which sought to share the benefits of atomic power while containing the risks, and the … Continue reading

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Trump’s clueless rhetoric on nukes makes US vulnerable, not safer via The Hill

Last week, the leader of the free world announced that he wanted to expand the United States’ nuclear arsenal. After being sworn into office, President Donald Trump promised the public that he would make America safe again, but bullying and … Continue reading

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MOX in limbo as government assesses possible alternatives via The Augusta Chronicle

The government’s MOX project is mired in layers of limbo that could come to a head when a new federal budget year begins Oct. 1. The facility designed to turn bomb-grade plutonium into commercial reactor fuel is midway through a … Continue reading

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How Obama Learned to Love the Bomb via MotherJones

The president’s budget boosts spending on our atomic arsenal while cutting money to stop the spread of nukes. In the winter of 2012, President Obama stood on a podium at the National Defense University to honor the 20th anniversary of … Continue reading

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India flaunts poverty of its moral leadership, brandishing an ad hoc, reactive nuclear policy via The Japan Times Online

CANBERRA — The Australian Labor Party has just endorsed, albeit narrowly, Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s call to lift the contentious policy of the ban on uranium sales to India, although the latter is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation … Continue reading

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International humanitarian law and nuclear weapons: Irreconcilable differences via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Article Highlights In 1996, the International Court of Justice issued an opinion that the use of nuclear weapons is “scarcely reconcilable” with international humanitarian law and concluded that nations have an obligation to pursue good-faith negotiations leading to disarmament. The … Continue reading

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