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RICHARD TANTER: Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Threat to the British Nuclear Weapons State via John Menadue: Pearls and Irritations

The Scottish National Party election landslide win augurs more than Scottish independence – including a profound threat to the viability of Britain as a Nuclear Weapons State. Amidst the multitude of commentaries – horrified or joyous – on the Conservative victory in … Continue reading

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Trump’s clueless rhetoric on nukes makes US vulnerable, not safer via The Hill

Last week, the leader of the free world announced that he wanted to expand the United States’ nuclear arsenal. After being sworn into office, President Donald Trump promised the public that he would make America safe again, but bullying and … Continue reading

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Veterans Apologize to Japan For Using Nuclear Weapons via Common Dreams

ST. LOUIS – St. Louis, MO.  Veterans For Peace, a national organization made up of military veterans and military family members, released an apology to the people of Japan for  U.S. usage of nuclear weapons.  This apology is in conjunction … Continue reading

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Hiroshima survivors look to Obama visit for disarmament, not apology via Reuters

Progress on ridding the world of nuclear weapons, not an apology, is what Hiroshima would want from a visit by U.S. President Barack Obama to the Japanese city hit by an American nuclear attack 71 years ago, survivors and other … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ call for nuclear disarmament not new in church history via National Catholic Reporter

WASHINGTON Repeated calls from Pope Francis for the world to empty its nuclear weapons arsenals are little known and often overlooked, but carry the moral weight of Catholic social teaching, a panel of experts concurred during a panel discussion at … Continue reading

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Bicyclists against bombs pedal 7 miles to protest nuclear proliferation via the Chicago Sun-Times

Yuki Miyamoto believes her mother died of exposure to radiation from the atomic bomb the United States dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945. Miyamoto, a DePaul University religion professor who grew up in Hiroshima, said her mother contracted a blood … Continue reading

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Nun’s sabotage conviction for nuclear facility break-in overturned by court via The Guardian

An appeals court has overturned the sabotage convictions of an 85-year-old nun and two fellow peace activists who broke into a facility storing much of this country’s bomb-grade uranium and painted slogans and splashed blood on the walls. In a … Continue reading

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Musicians and scientists join call to scrap Trident nuclear deterrent via The Guardian

Decommissioning Trident nuclear weapons would be popular with voters and supported by a majority of candidates standing in the general election, luminaries from music, the arts and the legal world have claimed. […] Among the signatories to the open letter … Continue reading

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Marshall Islands takes on the nuclear-armed states, for all our sakes via Greenpeace International

Read more“The day the sun rose twice”. That’s how 1 March 1954 was recorded in the history of Rongelap, a tiny atoll in the Pacific Ocean, part of the Marshall Islands. Early that morning, shortly after the sun rose in … Continue reading

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Pushing for nuclear disarmament via the Japan Times

Japan on Oct. 21 joined 124 other countries in signing a United Nations statement that underlines the inhuman nature of nuclear weapons and calls for the nonuse of such weapons. This is the first time that Japan has supported such … Continue reading

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