Protect the Colorado Plateau from Uranium Poisoning via Grand Canyon Trust

Uranium mining and milling on the Colorado Plateau have left a toxic legacy.

Today, you can help protect our communities, lands, and waters from toxic and radioactive uranium poisoning.

Please raise your voice to protect the Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau from uranium contamination.

By signing, you are speaking out against:

  • Thousands of new uranium claims in the Grand Canyon region
  • Re-opening of the Canyon uranium mine near the Grand Canyon’s south rim
  • The irresponsible operation of the White Mesa Uranium Mill
  • Environmental injustice that has subjected tribal communities to decades of toxic and radioactive contamination in their homes, waters, and sacred sites
  • Widespread failure to hold industry accountable for the clean-up of uranium contamination across the Colorado Plateau

Your voice is critical to protecting the Grand Canyon region and greater Colorado Plateau from uranium poisoning.Please join us today by signing the petition.

Read the appeal and sign here.
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