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Protect the Colorado Plateau from Uranium Poisoning via Grand Canyon Trust

Uranium mining and milling on the Colorado Plateau have left a toxic legacy. Today, you can help protect our communities, lands, and waters from toxic and radioactive uranium poisoning. Please raise your voice to protect the Grand Canyon and Colorado … Continue reading

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Why the President Must Ban Grand Canyon Uranium Mining via Huffington Post

Mark Udall Former U.S. Senator from Colorado; Board member, Grand Canyon Trust   Throughout my career in the private sector and politics, I’ve seen people fight consensus and wage unwinnable battles. If there’s one piece of advice I’ve given my … Continue reading

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Uranium-mine cleanup on Navajo Reservation could take 100 years via azcentral

CHURCH ROCK, N.M. — Twin plateaus of radioactive rock and dirt stand as monuments to the daunting and expensive cleanup ahead. The piles from two former uranium mines — Northeast Church Rock and Quivira — rose steadily on opposite sides … Continue reading

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Uranium Mines Dot Navajo Land, Neglected and Still Perilous via New York Times

CAMERON, Ariz. — In the summer of 2010, a Navajo cattle rancher named Larry Gordy stumbled upon an abandoned uranium mine in the middle of his grazing land and figured he had better call in the feds. Engineers from the … Continue reading

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15,000 Abandoned Uranium Mines. Native American “No-Nukes” Protests in Washington DC via Global Research

We are the Miner’s Canary’: Indigenous Organizations Call for Clean Up of ‘Homegrown’ Radioactive Pollution Crisis. On Thursday, January 28 at 12:30 PM, representatives of Indigenous organizations from the Southwest, Northern Great Plains, and supporters called for “no nukes” in … Continue reading

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The Toxic Threat Of Abandoned Uranium Mines In The United States via Popular Resistance

The nuclear industry is a many-headed toxic beast – nuclear power and nuclear weapons are just the most visible ones. Mining, milling, processing, reprocessing, manufacturing, and transporting nuclear materials are some other heads of the beast that are less visible. … Continue reading

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