Pennsylvania Nuclear Reactor Shut Down After Water Leak via Bloomberg

PPL Susquehanna LLC said today it shut down a reactor at its nuclear plant near Berwick, Pennsylvania, to address “a small water leak” discovered inside the unit’s concrete containment structure.

Though the leak is small enough to continue operating the reactor safely, PPL Susquehanna said it took the “conservative measure” to shut it down, the utility said in a statement. The company did not say when the unit might come back up.

The company noticed the slow leak over the past “few weeks” and it represents no safety risk to those living near the plant in Luzerne County, about 50 miles (80.5 kilometers) northwest of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Miriam Mylin, a spokeswoman for PPL Susquehanna, an affiliate of PPL Corp. (PPL), said in a phone interview.


“This is a very low level event,” Mylin said. “The leak has been very slow, but trending upward over the past few weeks. It’s very small, but we just wanted to shut it down now to get it taken care of before the winter.”

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