Bolivian President Announces US$2 Billion Nuclear Energy Investment via Telesur

Evo Morales seeks to expand the country’s nuclear energy program.

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced Thursday that his government will invest around US$2 billion through 2025 to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The investment is part of a broad strategy to transform the South American nation into a regional energy hub.

During the signing ceremony of the contract to construct a new hydroelectric dam, Morales stated, “We can never feel like a small country again now that we have liberated ourselves economically. With this type of investment toward atomic energy we are going to guarantee that.”

Bolivia began nuclear cooperation with Argentina in May of this year, and most recently in mid-July, after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Brazil. Morales then announced that the Russian leader offered Bolivia technology and ongoing training for the country’s scientists.

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