NPO in charity drive to help defiant cattle ranch in Fukushima area via Asahi Shimbun

A Japanese nonprofit organization is using its design and Internet savvy to help raise funds for a ranch that is defying government instructions and raising cattle in a contaminated area near the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

Based in Sendai, the nonprofit Gift Hope picks one organization a month to help. The T-shirts it sells online during that time are designed by professionals as well as amateurs. Aside from getting funds, target organizations benefit through Internet exposure and name recognition.

The May campaign is for Kibo no Bokujo Fukushima (Ranch of Hope Fukushima), which is located in the town of Namie in Fukushima Prefecture. The ranch is in an area that was declared a no-entry zone after the March 2011 disaster. The central government also implemented a policy ordering the destruction of all cattle raised in the zone.

However, the ranch has refused to heed the order and continues to raise livestock so it can one day aid research into the effects of radiation exposure.

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