Kewaunee station will power down on May 7 via greenbaypressgazette

Economic development group receives a $50,000 planning grant


Dominion Resources Inc., the facility’s owner, announced March 11 that it has notified the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission about the date of the closure. The company announced in October that the plant would be decommissioned starting this spring because it was no longer feasible to operate and a buyer could not be found.Barbara LaMue, regional account manager for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., said WEDC and local officials met with Dominion right away to try to reverse the decision.

“Early on it became clear that the focus needed to be on the communities and serving the displaced workers,” LaMue said March 13 during the Kewaunee County Economic Development Corp. annual meeting at the Rendezvous outside Luxemburg.

She announced a $50,000 “capacity building grant” to KCEDC that will be used to aid the planning process as the area braces for the loss of an industry that has been estimated as having a $640 million impact on the local economy.Jennifer Brown, executive director of the KCEDC, was planning to meet with LaMue the next morning to begin the process of implementing the grant.

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