A World Without Nuclear Weapons via Readers Supported News

Twenty-five years ago, President Reagan laid out a vision for a world without nuclear weapons, and in his first term President Obama boldly picked up that mantle – most famously in his 2009 speech in Prague, where he announced America’s commitment to eliminate all nuclear weapons globally. There is now a unique opportunity for President Obama, in his second term, to follow through on that commitment and set the world’s course to global zero. He can do this by pursuing further reductions to the United States’ and Russia’s massive Cold War arsenals and bringing other key countries to the table for the first multilateral nuclear arms negotiations in history.

This week, Global Zero – the international movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons – is launching a global campaign urging President Obama to do just that. And we are calling on him to make a major announcement about this on April 5, 2013 – the fourth anniversary of his historic Prague speech.

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