【exhibit】RadioActivity! Anti-nuclear movements from Three Mile Island to Fukushima via Todos Somos Japon

Anti-Nuclear Movements from Three Mile Island to Fukushima
October 4th-November 4th, 2012

Opening Reception: October 4th, 7-10pm

Interference Archive, together with Todos Somos Japon presents an exhibition on the culture of anti-nuclear movements around the globe, past and present. We have assembled posters, publications, moving images, and ephemera that reveal the many creative forms of resistance that have emerged. From the disaster at Three Mile Island which galvanized the movement in the 70’s to the meltdown at Fukushima in 2011, anti-nuclear groups have addressed a multitude of issues including feminism, anti-militarism, anti-capitalism, peace, alternative energy, environmentalism, and importantly everyday survival.

Interference Archive
131 8th Street
Brooklyn New York

Take the FGR Train to 4th Ave. 9th St. stop

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