Nuclear fuel storage to be commissioned in East Siberia via The Voice of Russia

A newly constructed storage near Krasnoyarsk, East Siberia, is ready to take the first consignment of spent nuclear fuel in January. Russia spent 16 billion rubles or 500 million U.S. dollars to construct the facility, which has been commissioned recently.

The dry storage complex is at the Chemical Mining Plant in Zheleznogorsk. At present, it is developing a full technological complex for the closure of the entire nuclear fuel cycle on the basis of innovative technology, says a spokesman for the facility, Boris Ryzhenkov.

“This facility should guarantee a safe use of the spent nuclear fuel. In short, it should guarantee a smooth work of the Leningradskaya, Kurskaya and Smolenskaya nuclear power plants. There was a task of unloading the storages near these power plants which have reached the maximum level of filling,” says Boris Ryzhenkov.

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