The £100 Billion Hidden Cost of Nuclear Power via SpinWatch

By Kayla Ente, 8 August 2011Last month the British Climate Secretary, Chris Huhne, unveiled the biggest shake-up of the electricity market since privatisation. As the debate on how we produce our electricity rises up the political agenda again, politicians are debating the pros and cons of a new generation of nuclear power plants.

And now the first new reactor to be built in the UK for over 20 years has been given the initial go-ahead at Hinkley Point.

But conspicuously absent is any debate about the hidden costs of nuclear power.  Political leaders claim there will be no government subsidy for new nuclear power, but a new analysis by SpinWatch has revealed that nearly £100 Billion is being proposed to be given to the industry in direct and indirect subsidies.

The truth is the taxpayer already pays at least £3.6 Billion a year to support the nuclear industry today.  If eight new nuclear power stations are built, this subsidy – the hidden cost of providing electricity – will continue to grow.

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