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Talk at the July 27, 2011 meeting of the Committee on Welfare and Labor of the House of Representatives
I am Kodama, head of the Radioisotope Center, the University of Tokyo. I was astonished on March 15th.
The radioisotope centers of the University of Tokyo at twenty-seven locations are responsible for protection against radiation and conducting decontamination work. As a physician of internal medicine, I have been involved for scores of years in decontamination, among other locations, at radiation facilities of the University of Tokyo Hospital.

When we examine radiation poisoning, we look at the entire amount. TEPCO and the government have never clearly reported on the total amount of radiation doses resulting from the Fukushima nuclear accident. When we calculate on the basis of the knowledge available at our Radioisotope Center, in terms of the quantity of heat, the equivalent of 29.6 Hiroshima a-bombs leaked. Converted to uranium, an amount equivalent to 20 Hiroshima a-bombs is estimated to have leaked.
What is further dreadful is that, according to what we know so far, when we compare the amount of radiation that remained after the a-bomb and that of radiation from the nuclear plant, that of the former goes down to one-thousandth after one year whereas radioactive contaminants of the latter are reduced to only one-tenth.

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