Time for India to invigorate disarmament plan: panel via The Hindu

Report suggests steps to carry forward Rajiv Gandhi Action Plan

India must breathe fresh life into its proposal for universal disarmament by assuming a high profile in advocating its basic ideas and goals, according to the Report of the Informal Group on carrying forward the Rajiv Gandhi Action Plan (RGAP) on disarmament unveiled in 1988.

Besides initiating a bilateral dialogue on disarmament with all countries possessing nuclear weapons, India should also attempt to build a consensus on reducing the salience of nuclear weapons in their security doctrines, recommended the Group on carrying forward the RGAP in today’s changed circumstances – India is now a state with nuclear weapons (SNW) and it has resolved to maintain a credible minimum nuclear deterrent.

The report was presented to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday, who welcomed its broad thrust.

Engagement with NAM

The Group, headed by Mani Shankar Aiyar, suggested renewed engagement with the Non Aligned Movement and the seven-nation New Agenda Coalition for a treaty incorporating “binding negative security assurances” as well as to “keep the fires burning” in the Conference on Disarmament to push for discussions aimed at bringing countries together for nations on complete elimination of nuclear weapons.

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