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No Bhopal, No Hiroshima, No Fukushima: Yamaguchi Hiroichi via

Today 6 August is the Hiroshima Day. At 8.15am, when the bomb exploded, thousands who assembled at the ceremony ground stood up for a minute’s silence. They were joined by millions across the country. The Mayor’s speech, called the ‘Hiroshima Declaration of Peace’, is the main item. This year he again called for a nuclear-free peaceful world, and also wanted the nuclear power policy, which is generating so much damage and confusion because of the severe accident at Fukushima, be revised. He added that the extent of the radioactive ‘black rain’, which showered on the city soon after the explosion but which has been minimized by the government so far, should be properly delineated scientifically so that we could reach a more accurate figure of the victims.

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