Diaries of foreign hibakusha on display via The Japan Times

Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011

HIROSHIMA — Diaries of Korean and German atomic-bomb survivors depicting the devastation of Hiroshima and their postwar struggle for compensation are among the exhibits at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

In journals that were put on public display for the first time, Shin Yong Su, father of the current South Korean consul general in Hiroshima, writes about how he campaigned for support for Korean victims, while priest Klaus Luhmer describes what the city was like in the days after the bombing.

Shin Hyong Gun, the consul general, provided the documents to the museum for a special exhibition from July 15 to Dec. 14.

“I want visitors to learn that not only Japanese but foreigners also suffered in the atomic bombing, although it is usually said that Japan is the only atomic-bombed country,” Shin said.

Shin’s father, who founded the Korean hibakusha association in 1967, became in 1974 the first non-Japanese to obtain an atomic bomb survivor’s certificate, entitling him to medical allowances.

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